Jonathan Monk



Jock:  Jonathan Monk

Favorite game:  Is golfing a game? I thought it was just relaxation!


What makes me stop anything I’m doing and watch if it’s on the screen:   MMA is a relative new obsession of mine. I have to watch UFC fights.

What was my latest earworm:  I’m a big Jon Pardi fan, love his music!


Would you be a pirate or ninja?  Ninja is definitely the choice for me, silence sometimes can be the strongest weapon!


Ice cream cone or bowl?  Actually, a bowl of ice cream with a cone crushed up in it would be just fine, thank you.

Favorite vehicle:  Tesla

Smartest person you know:  That’s a tough one, spiritually my Mom, when it comes to being smart logically, my wife and son. I’d give the street smarts award to our daughter. The Brainiac I know that’s book smart is our station engineer Nathan.

Best holiday: Christmas is the best holiday, but Thanksgiving is a very close second!


Best Stupid Human Trick You can Do: I do some pretty good impressions, some can make me sound really stupid.

Favorite Superhero: No question, it’s Superman!