Jock:  Dianna

Favorite game:  Football!  Golden Eagles, Chiefs, Patriots…I scream for them all.

What makes me stop anything I’m doing and watch if it’s on the screen:   Star Trek: Next Generation.  I admit it: I’m a geek.  I even have the uniform.

What was my latest earworm:  Blitzkreig Bop by the Ramones.

Would you be a pirate or ninja?  Ninja. Useful skill for a mom.

Ice cream cone or bowl?  Cone…love the crunch!

Favorite vehicle:  Starship Enterprise, of course!

Smartest person you know:  My mom.  (Who do you think I learned the ninja from?)

Best holiday:  Christmas!  I’m decking those halls as soon as the turkey’s put away.

Best Stupid Human Trick You can Do:  I can cross my legs Indian-style and walk on my knees.

Favorite Superhero: Wonder Woman, of course! Check my name. Great fashion accessories, too!