Brent Karl


Jock:  Brent Carl

Who is your favorite music artists:    Prince, Billy Joel, Phil Collins and the Eagles!!!!!

Who is your favorite super hero: A hybrid of Batman and Green Lantern powers. The Dark Lantern.

What was your favorite cartoon growing up:   Underdog and Daffy Duck shorts. My favorite quote from Daffy is “I may be a coward but I’m a greedy little coward” and proceeds to beat up the Tasmanian Devil over 5 bucks!

What was my latest earworm:  Toni Basil – Mickey

On a scale of 1 to 10 how cool are you?  Zero….Because I am HOT HOT HOT!!!!

If you won 20 Million Dollars what would you buy?    Pay all of my families bills, setup a college fund for my nephew and buy one AWESOME RV!

What compliment do most people give you:  You have a great voice or are you related to Stephen King. I kind of look like him!

What color is your toothbrush:  Toothbrush?????? Just kidding it’s Purple!

Best holiday:  Halloween of course. Candy, ghosts and ladies in sexy maid outfits! It is the greatest Holiday ever!

What are you most afraid of:   Billy Ray Cyrus’s hair and his music!

When you dance who do you look like:  In my mind Prince. Those watching Elaine from Seinfeld!